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Why Choose Us?

why choose us

Looking Smart treats you as a person not a number. You will get personalised service and we try to exceed your expectations.

We are known for:

  • + Eye Examinations that are fun and quick.
  • + New Technology that makes eye tests accurate and easy. Our autorefractors measure prescription quickly and accurately so that you do not spend 15-20 minutes answering which lenses you think are better
  • + A great range of frames for all personalities and face shapes. If we do not have something we are more than happy to order it for you.
  • + Our friendly staff who go out of their way to fix problems

We are direct importers of glasses, this allows for low cost glasses of excellent quality. These glasses allow us to be extremely competitive with the big chains, and we are often cheaper across the board while providing excellent quality.

Looking Smart Optometrists is a practice based in Pelican Waters, Qld Australia

We are an importer of TGA Approved Optical Frames and Lenses to allow us to provide products at competitive prices to our patients.

With the latest in technology we guarantee good vision and comfort.

Looking Smart Optometrists is also a therapeutically based practice that can prescribe drugs for our patients to help treat glaucoma, do foreign body removal and treat conjunctivitis.

Our Services

Get an OCT for Free,Not Just a Retinal Photograph

LOCAL Optometrist Dr David O’Neill has just taken delivery of one of the most advanced pieces of eye testing equipment available.

The IVue Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) is a huge advance in eye health technology.

It uses infra-red light beams directed at the nerves at the back of the eye and combines these with a microscope to create a picture

“This brilliant machine leads the way in testing and checking for eye diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma,” Dr O’Neill said.

Dr O’Neill can use the OCT to look through the nerve layers and see eye problems that might have been missed with less advanced tools like digital retinal imaging.

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Our Products


We try to have frames for every type of face, personality and trends.
We have:

We have:

  • Fashionable Frames for Women
  • Designer Frames for Men
  • Cool Frames for Kids
  • Large Conservative Frames
  • Plastic, Metal and Rimless Frames
  • Frames for all Budgets

It is important to have the right size frame for your face. We take into consideration the width of the nose and also the head, length of the temples and style of the frame. In doing this we can choose the right frame for your size which suits your personality. This will not only provide the correct weight distribution for better comfort but look great on you as well.


Looking Smart Optometrists prefers lenses which are both optically clear and easy to keep clean. With this in mind, we use such coatings as Super Hydrophobic which is one of the best multicoats to give anti-reflection, scratch resistance, UV protection, dirt/dust/oil resistance and clearer vision.

There are over 700 types of lenses. To make these work we must consider your lifestyle, prescription and frame. In this way we make the glasses work for you rather than you having to adjust to your glasses.

At Looking Smart Optometrists we only use the best quality, which includes freeform lenses to maximise vision.

Contact Lenses

We have several types of contacts lenses for all occasions:

  • Continuous 30 day:

High in oxygen they allow the eye to breathe, great for continuous wear, even whilst sleeping, for up to a week at a time. You replace them after 30 days.

  • Daily Disposables<

Safe to wear for 10-12 hours - perfect for work, sports, special occasions such as weddings, parties or just Saturday night drinks. Available in both clear and coloured lenses.

  • Daily Wear Silicon Hydrogels

High in oxygen- great for day wear over 12 hours , but they cannot be worn during sleep.

  • Conventionals

These have a one year life span – can be worn 10-12 hours.


We here at Looking Smart recommend polarized sunglasses because they protect your eyes against UV (Ultra Violet) and also Infra-red Radiation.

Microwaves use infra-red radiation to heat food and likewise non polarized glasses allowed the eye to heat up from the sun. This can cause conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration which are the leading causes of blindness in Australia!

We have a large range of polarized sunglasses that meet fashion trends and are reasonably priced.

Sunglasses are suited to all outdoor activities including golf, cycling, running, kayaking, surfing, or simply lazying around on the beach.

We can source sunglasses to suit your face and your personality.

David is a Therapeutic Optometrist.

David O'Neill is Looking Smarts Optometrist at Pelican Waters. David began his training in 1998 in Precision Eyewear. He was a optical mechanic and responsible for edging and making glasses.

David graduated from QUT in 2001. Since then he has worked all over Queensland from Cairns to Southport. David's main practice was in Wynnum up till 2002. At that stage he moved to Maleny and worked there till 2005.

Looking Smart Optometrists is David's first practice owned by himself. Looking Smart Optometrists sets out to customise lenses, frames, contacts to our patients needs. We try to go the extra mile so that when things are promised they happen.

He offers services regarding:

  • Prescriptions for eye medication including glaucoma, conjunctivitis and foreign body removal
  • Paediatrics
  • Toric Contact lenses for astigmatism and extended wear silicon hydrogel lenses
  • He also does custom lenses for sports including shooting and swimming goggles.
Glaucoma (Tunnel Vision)
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Why You Need A Test With A Looking Smart Optometrists?

A regular eye examination should be conducted at least once every two - three years. This is important to assess both your vision and the health of your eyes. Prevention can stop the majority of blindness. But once someone is blind there is no recovery.

Looking Smart Optometrists is also a therapeutically based practice that can prescribe drugs for our patients to help treat glaucoma, do foreign body removal ...

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