Why You Need A Test With A Looking Smart Optometrists?

A regular eye examination should be conducted at least once every two - three years. This is important to assess both your vision and the health of your eyes. Prevention can stop the majority of blindness. But once someone is blind there is no recovery. Looking Smart Optometrists is also a therapeutically based practice that can prescribe drugs for our patients to help treat glaucoma, do foreign body removal and treat conjunctivitis.

OCT - Optical Coherence Tomography

This test digitally scans the retina in 3D to pick up any areas of blindness. It is similar to MRI technology and is the latest technology for Optometrists in the prevention of blindness.

Digital Fundus Photography

This tests in a repeatable and accurate way to assess vision and the macula for checks on macula degeneration and general retinal function.

Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Machine

This tests the ability of the eye to communicate information to the brain. Otherwise known as the peripheral vision test, this test is a definite indicator of glaucoma. The Matrix is the easiest field test machine which is allowable by specialists to diagnose glaucoma.

Case History

A comprehensive analysis of current ocular difficulties, medications, previous eye injuries problems and family history. This follows the Optometrists Association of Australia standards.

Un-aided Visual Acuity

How well the patient can see without glasses on. This is a good indicator of what prescription the optometrist should find as well as where the patient stands with regards to the visual requirements for driving.

Motility and Near Point of Convergence

This test determines how well the eyes move and are all six muscles controlling exterior movement working properly. Any one of these muscles not working efficiently can cause severe problems for the patient.

Pupil reactions Pupils are the windows to the soul. A problem with their reactions can be related to anything from a brain tumour to lung problems.


An automatic measuring device to obtain the prescription. This device shines a non-visible laser into the eye which measures the length and width of the eye.


A double check of the presciption to make sure it works with both eyes rather than each eye separately. With the aid of the auto-refraction this test only takes a few minutes compared to conventual testing.


A microscopic evaluation of the front of the eye to check for diseases like cataracts and pterygiums. We use this machine for foreign body and ingrown eyelash removal, as well as treatment of keratitis and conjunctivitis.

Non-Contact Tonometry

This is a puffing device to measure the pressure inside the eye. This is very important in the assessment for glaucoma, our Reichert PT100 is the latest technology and gentlest for this.

Dilated Fundus Examination

Using 0.5% tropicamide we examine the back of the eye by dilating the pupil. If the pupil is dilated the optometrist can generally see 40% of the back of the eye in one go. With all of the above technology dilation is not always necessary these days to do a thorough exam.


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