Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We have several types of contacts lenses for all occasions:

  • Continuous 30 day:
    High in oxygen they allow the eye to breathe, great for continuous wear, even whilst sleeping, for up to a week at a time. You replace them after 30 days.
  • Daily Disposables
    Safe to wear for 10-12 hours – perfect for work, sports, special occasions such as weddings, parties or just Saturday night drinks. Available in both clear and coloured lenses.
  • Daily Wear Silicon Hydrogels
    High in oxygen- great for day wear over 12 hours , but they cannot be worn during sleep.
  • Conventionals
    These have a one year life span – can be worn 10-12 hours.


Dr David O'Neill

David O’Neill is the Principle Optometrist and Owner of Looking Smart at Pelican Waters. David began his training in 1998 in Precision Eyewear. He was an optical dispenser and responsible for edging and making glasses. David's special interests include Paediatrics and Prescription Drug Prescribing as well as regular Optometry.