Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eye Health Update

Thank you for reading this message. At Looking Smart Optometrists we are doing our best to limit the spread of the disease. Part of that is to update you on the potential side effects of the virus.

I went to a presentation on Sunday by Dr Norman Swan who indicated that we expect the peak of the virus to be in July. I think we are all speculating at the moment. The Australian government has quoted around 80% of people will only get a minor cold.

However, a good percentage of these people may also get a viral conjunctivitis and at Looking Smart we would prefer to limit the spread of the disease. These traditionally have been highly contagious. 

The viral conjunctivitis will typically present with the following symptoms:     

1.Red/Irritated Eyes

2. Watery Eyes

3. Light Sensitivity (Less Common)  

These are not normal viral conjunctivitis symptoms, and you should contact us about:        

           1. Pain   

           2. White Discharge

           3. Blurry Vision

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eye Health Update 3


The regular treatment for this (Shown Above) would be to have a box of Systane Vials (preferred) or Refresh Vials which would be stored in the refrigerator. The appropriate dosage would be to take 1 drop in each eye every 2-4 hours for 3 days. If symptoms persist longer than 3 days or there is no improvement from treatment give us a call.

Please note: If you do not have the virus, you cannot hurt yourself by treating yourself in this way. Thus, if you get any of the above symptoms, please treat yourselves first.

Just so you know, a box of these normally will last at least twelve months (unopened). 

These are available at your local supermarket and chemists. I have also asked Noel at the Pelican Waters Pharmacy to stock it specifically, so he should definitely have a supply.

Contact Lens Patients

If you get any of these symptoms you should immediately desist from wearing your contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses with an active viral infection can be disastrous.

Most of you will have a backup of glasses, so you can see properly. If you do not, it is strongly recommended that you take this opportunity to buy a pair.