Glaucoma (Tunnel Vision)

Glaucoma refers to an increase of pressure inside the eye that is disproportional to the blood pressure. This is a dangerous condition because they are no warning signs to the patient before they go blind. This condition affects over 500,000 Australians therefore a preventative check should be conducted every two years.

The ability to check for glaucoma is through three methods:

Glaucoma (Tunnel Vision) 1

1. Look at the optic nerve and see whether it is swollen and whether it is round.
2. A visual field test (computer game) assesses the integrity of the peripheral vision of the eye and peripheral vision is the first thing to go in glaucoma
3. Intra-ocular pressure is measured and compared to previous readings to see whether it is elevated.
4. The most important way of detection of glaucoma is the 3D Scan conducted via an OCT.

Shown in the photo this patients eyes looked normal on the above three findings. Via our OCT the red area the eye is blind which made it obvious that the patient had a problem.