Macula Checks

Macula check

Looking Smart Optometrists check for Macula Degeneration, both via conventional digital photography but also using the latest 3D OCT machine to scan the retina. What’s more, we offer these services for free.

Macula checks are very important as this area of your eye does the majority of the work involved in sight.

The photo shows “Wet” Macula Degeneration. This is now one of the most common forms of blindness in Australia which is treatable.

​This is easily detectable with our digital fundus camera’s and OCT and we do images on every patient. Products like Lucentis, Avastin and Eyelea could have been used to treat this condition if it was found in time.


Dr David O'Neill

David O’Neill is the Principle Optometrist and Owner of Looking Smart at Pelican Waters. David began his training in 1998 in Precision Eyewear. He was an optical dispenser and responsible for edging and making glasses. David's special interests include Paediatrics and Prescription Drug Prescribing as well as regular Optometry.