Q Optical Network

You may have recently received a communication from your health fund advising that our practice is no longer a member of their Preferred Provider Network. We want to assure you that you will still receive your Health Fund Rebate from our practice at exactly the same amount.

This is because the VSP group which we were members of, ceased their agreements with all health funds in Australia. This was done without consultation of any of the Independent Optometrists in the group.

To combat this, we have recently joined the Q Optical Network which provides even more benefits for ALL our health fund patients. To date 25 Health Funds have signed with the Q Optical Network group and they continue negotiations with other Health Funds such as Medibank to become preferred providers. However in the meantime what does this mean:

1. The total limit rebate from the health fund is identical if the Optometrist is a members choice or not (the amount they pay remains the same).

2. All of the offers we have previously had are still available.

3. As part of the Q Optical Network we will have new offers.

The following health funds have signed up to the new group, and we are in negotiation with the others to join as well. Even if we are not a preferred provider, the rebates with the health funds should remain the same.

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We are very happy to keep you as a patient, and we will do our best to look after you in the future.