We here at Looking Smart recommend polarized sunglasses because they protect your eyes against UV (Ultra Violet) and also Infra-red Radiation.

Microwaves use infra-red radiation to heat food and likewise non polarized glasses allowed the eye to heat up from the sun. This can cause conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration which are the leading causes of blindness in Australia!

We have a large range of polarized sunglasses that meet fashion trends and are reasonably priced.

Sunglasses are suited to all outdoor activities including golf, cycling, running, kayaking, surfing, or simply lazying around on the beach.

We can source sunglasses to suit your face and your personality.


Dr David O'Neill

David O’Neill is the Principle Optometrist and Owner of Looking Smart at Pelican Waters. David began his training in 1998 in Precision Eyewear. He was an optical dispenser and responsible for edging and making glasses. David's special interests include Paediatrics and Prescription Drug Prescribing as well as regular Optometry.