Visual Field Tests

computer to check visual  field

Visual Field Assessments check the integrity of the Retina and Peripheral Vision. They are useful in the detection of Glaucoma. Also they are used to obtain a commercial vehicle license and in the detecting tumors of the brain.

A visual field test is a computer game which relies on the patient to assess their peripheral vision.

The majority of eye tests assess central vision, whereas a visual field test assesses the entirety of the retina. This means that it assess every nerve that should be working in a eye to see if does.

​Visual Field Assessments are bulk billed to medicare and can be taken to your eye specialist.

We use the Zeiss FDT Visual Field Machine which makes the test easier and better for the patient.


Dr David O'Neill

David O’Neill is the Principle Optometrist and Owner of Looking Smart at Pelican Waters. David began his training in 1998 in Precision Eyewear. He was an optical dispenser and responsible for edging and making glasses. David's special interests include Paediatrics and Prescription Drug Prescribing as well as regular Optometry.